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Interviews, World Bank – Jul 23rd, 2011
The World Bank held a ‘brown bag lunch’ on business incubation in the US and what lessons might be learnt for other parts of the world. The focus was on agri-business incubators.

» Business Incubators: What you should look for when choosing one
by Brian O’Connell, – May 8th, 2011
Business incubators work like a university, it’s the mentors and counselors who make them work, and not the buildings and classrooms.
Sramana Mitra’s One Million by One Million Blog, by Irina Patterson – Jan 8th, 2011
What is NBIA and the services it offers? What is important for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem? How do you support incubation programs? How do you train entrepreneurs?
Written testimony before the Small Business Committee, U.S. House of Representatives – Mar 17th, 2010
The history of business incubation, international perspectives on incubation, incubators’ role as job creators, the scope of domestic investments in incubation, and implications for policy makers.
Full oral testimony before the Small Business Committee, U.S. House of Representatives – Mar 17th, 2010
This is the complete oral testimony provided by myself, and other experts including those from The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Angel Capital Association.
Energy Magazine, by David Monkman – Mar 2008
CSR is by no means a standard set of pre-defined policies; it is a society oriented business strategy based on decisions related to ethical values, legal compliance, stakeholders and communities.
TelecomPlus Magazine – Feb-Mar 2008
Progress report on SME Business Support Fund.
Energy Magazine – Feb 2008
Second and third generation family businesses are most vulnerable to inefficient management and this is the reason why the production cost is high and profitability is less.
The Pakistan Accountant, by Rana Mustansir – Sep-Dec 2007
Most Pakistani business owners think of trading with the US and major European markets, and fail to prioritize nearby regional markets (ASEAN) that offer higher growth prospects.
Elite News Magazine, by Imran Adnan – Vol 1, Issue 10, Jan 2007
Introducing the Business Support Fund to Pakistani stakeholders, in a monthly business magazine in Pakistan.
Maverick Magazine, by Phillip De Wet – 23 Feb 2006
Carbon credits turn pollution into a tradable instrument, in the belief that and efficient market benefits everybody. So what happens if you apply the same logic to black empowerment?



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