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I have delivered addresses on corporate social responsibility and sustainability, entrepreneurship, business incubation, and small and medium enterprise development, to professional congresses in more than 20 countries around the world. Topics include:

    • The Next Generation of EHS in Supply Chain Responsibility
    • Global Trends in Entrepreneurship
    • Developing Ecosystems for Innovation
    • Future of Incubation Around the World
    • Developing International Incubation Networks
    • Supporting Entrepreneurship Through University Partnerships
    • Federal Innovation Policy and Incubation Strategies
    • Rebuilding Clusters in the Post Recession Economy
    • Investor and Business Incubator Linkage Opportunities
    • Promoting Innovation in SMEs
    • The Role of SME Finance on Entrepreneurial Success
    • The Importance of Branding in SME Development

Congresses I have addressed include:

    • Buyers Ethical Working Group of India Annual Meeting, 2015 (India)
    • China EHS and Sustainability Summit 2014, ECV International, 2014 (China)
    • From Science to Business: Commercialization of High Technology and Regional Innovation Ecosystems, US-Russia Foundation & American Councils, 2012 (Russia)
    • 2nd Global Summit on Entrepreneurship, US Department of State, 2011 (Turkey)
    • International Conference on Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship, AABI, 2011 (Taiwan)
    • Ecosystems for Innovation, IASP and ANPROTECH, 2011 (Brazil)
    • Future of Incubation in Southern Africa, SABTIA, 2011 (South Africa)
    • Applied Innovation: the Smart Entrepreneurs’ Perspective, EBN, 2011 (Belgium)
    • The Practice of Economic Development in a Changed Landscape, IEDC, 2010 (USA)
    • 2nd International Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility, 2008 (Pakistan)
    • SME Best Practices Day, 2007 (Pakistan)


Other conferences I have attended include:

    • 3rd Global Summit on Entrepreneurship, US Department of State, 2012 (Dubai)
    • Entrepreneurship, Startup Creation, & New Venture Funding,, 1999 (USA)
    • Portfolio Structuring and Portfolio Hedging Strategies, Ibbotson & Associates, 1993-1996 (USA)
    • Socially Responsible Investing, Bay Area Social Investment Forum, 1995 (USA)
    • Technology for Investment Management, Charles Schwab and Advent, 1993/1994 (USA)
    • Investment Counsel for Private Clients, AIMR, 1992 (USA)




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Public Speaking

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